In this era, the topic of IT security is becoming more and more important. A possible attack vector has always been the local admin passwords. In most cases, these were hard-wired into the installation image and had not been changed for years. Not only a risk from former employees. The lateral movement also poses a … Read more

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I work a lot with Microsoft Intune, Autopilot and also Pre-Provisioning. Especially with the latter, I often have to troubleshoot for my customers when things don’t work out. Michael Niehaus has written several articles on troubleshooting, including: Troubleshooting Windows Autopilot, a reference – Out of Office Hours ( Windows Autopilot diagnostics: Digging deeper – Out … Read more

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Ich beschäftige mich viel mit Microsoft Intune, Autopilot und auch Pre-Provisioning. Gerade bei letzterem muss ich öfter für meine Kunden auch die Fehler suchen, wenn es mal nicht klappt. Michael Niehaus hat einige Artikel zum Troubleshooting geschrieben, unter anderem

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Especially in test environments, you often need an older release of Windows 10, but how can you set Windows to a target release? Many companies are currently still using Windows 10 1909, and the Enterprise Edition is still supported until 11.05.2022. Unfortunately, I can only defer the feature upgrade in Windows 10 for 365 days. … Read more

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Gerade in Testumgebungen braucht man öfters mal ein älteres Release von Windows 10, doch wie kann man das Windows auf ein Ziel Release festlegen? Viele Firmen nutzen im Moment ja noch Windows 10 1909, und die Enterprise Edition hat auch noch bis 11.05.2022 Support. Leider kann ich in Windows 10 nur 365 Tage die Feature … Weiterlesen

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