Windows 10 and the Microsoft Store

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Many companies would like to turn off the Microsoft Store so that not everyone installs “Netflix” or “Ages of Empires” on their corporate device. There are many ways, but which one is the right one, that depends. The risk exists that if the store is deactivated incorrectly, the integrated apps (for example the calculator or … Continue reading „Windows 10 and the Microsoft Store“

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End User Computing MeetUp – Bonn / Koblenz Area (Germany)

For a long time, I have been planning a MeetUp on the topic of End User Computing, which I am starting to organize and regularly offering now. Many can’t imagine much about End-User Computing (EuC), in general, it’s about working on the end device, i.e. the computer, tablet, mobile phone and Co. But what is … Continue reading „End User Computing MeetUp – Bonn / Koblenz Area (Germany)“

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New for Autopilot with Windows 10 1903 (Updated)

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With every new release of Windows 10, there are also new features in the area of Microsoft Autopilot. If you don’t know what Autopilot is, I recommend the article “What is Microsoft Autopilot“. Today we’re talking about new features that are possible with Windows 10 1903. As always with autopilot, this also requires an up-to-date … Continue reading „New for Autopilot with Windows 10 1903 (Updated)“

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Properly secure and document group policies

It’s been some time since I started working on the first basic version of the script in August 2014, and posted about it on CONET’s blog. This first version came to just 6 lines of code without the header. Since then a lot has happened and the script has grown in the TechNet Gallery. Time … Continue reading „Properly secure and document group policies“

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Windows WinRM over HTTPs

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Windows Remote Management is no longer a way to think in today’s world. But why do we do it unencrypted? Normally the authentication is done by Kerberos. That’s secure enough for most people. However, Kerberos also has limitations, for example when using local accounts. In the standard system, communication is via HTTP via TCP port … Continue reading „Windows WinRM over HTTPs“

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The Microsoft Cloud and Data Protection

Since the GDPR / DSVGO introduction, the topic of data protection, privacy and compliance is still a topic with which many lawyers still earn money. The problem, in my opinion, the technical reality distance with that the whole was designed. Not to be kept silent of the fact that the exceptions to the law were … Continue reading „The Microsoft Cloud and Data Protection“

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Ignite day 2 – Modern Management recap

Computergenerierter Alternativtext: Microsoft Intune Configuration Manager Other Endpoint Management Tools Integrated solution for IT admins to understand and take action across all endpoints in their estate Microsoft Endpoint Manager Status and alerts

Today was day 2 of the Microsoft Ignite in Orlando. Today I was in the focus in sessions about modern management on the move. That means, for example, Microsoft Intune, but especially the newly announced function of the “Microsoft Endpoint Manager”. Microsoft Endpoint Manager With the Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft wants to unite all endpoint … Continue reading „Ignite day 2 – Modern Management recap“

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Ignite Day 1 – Recap

The first day of the Ignite was very exciting. Due to my MCT status, I still had access to the keynote without having been there at 7 am. With a bit more luck I got a seat at the main stage. This year the breakouts and demos of the keynote were distributed in the hub, … Continue reading „Ignite Day 1 – Recap“

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New version of get-GPOBackup

Neue Version von get-GPObackup

It has once again reached me a feature desire, and here is the implementation. With version 1.58 the group policy templates can be saved from the central store. This is especially good when importing new templates that may be buggy. This even happens to Microsoft with the German translations for Windows 10 times quite often. … Continue reading „New version of get-GPOBackup“

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Choosing the correct Windows 10 Edition

Choosing the right edition of Windows 10 can sometimes be harder than you think for companies. For most companies, the cost versus functionality is a consideration. But which versions are there? More than one actually thinks: Windows 10 Home – No option for companies for various reasons Windows 10 Professional – a frequently used version … Continue reading „Choosing the correct Windows 10 Edition“

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